Miami Real Estate: Offshore Investors Snapping up Florida Real Estate

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The Associated Press
MIAMI — Offshore investors are flocking to Florida’s distressed real estate prices as major companies with ties to Hong Kong, Spain, Argentina and Malaysia are snapping up properties sensing the local market has bottomed. International companies can park their investment and position themselves for the next development cycle, said Tere Blanca, president and chief executive officer of Miami-based Blanca Commercial Real Estate. “Acquiring prime properties at discount prices in the height of the market was not achievable. Whomever has deep liquidity and can be nimble and act when opportunities arise can acquire properties at what we consider to be solid pricing,” he said, according to the Daily Business Review. Stephan Gietl of Austria and his partner Fernando Levy-Hara, of Argentina, have purchased 307 South Florida condo units for $40 million, since 2009. The duo has sold most of the units, mainly to international investors. Levy-Hara says the units yield between 5 and 6 percent profit per year after maintenance fees and property taxes.
“With the potential appreciation, if you’re buying at half the price of the bubble, you have the potential to go up 60 to 70 percent in the next five years,” he said. As Americans worry about the economy and debt ceiling, international investors still perceive the U.S. as “the most reliable country in the world,” said Andrew Hellinger, chief executive of Coral Gables-based Hellinger & Penabad.
“We are a country where you can place your money for investment and know it’s safe.” South Florida’s most notable recent deals have ties to investors with connections to major international companies.


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